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Dear participants of ICL2010,

On Saturday, 2 of our colleagues from Romania who participated at ICL Conference and have presented on Friday their paper (E-Learning Perception in Economic Informatics and Visual Arts. Authors: Madalina Mlak and Alexandru-Ioan Marginean, Romania) were involved in a car accident in Germany.

Unfortunately Madalina died and her husband Alexandru is in a hospital in Mannheim.

Dear Alexandru and dear family of Madalina:

We, the ICL community are with you in mind. We pray for Madalina.

We opened a condolence book for the ICL community to share our deepest sympathy in your grief.

Jeanne Schreurs, Chair of the ICL2010 conference in Hasselt University

"Academic and Corporate E-Learning in a Global Context"

ICL2010 was held from 15 - 17 September 2010 in Hasselt, Belgium.

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